Spooling on the drum – Horizontal (2023 March)

2023 March – Latest project Dominion – Pikkala, Finland. Cable spooling on the drum, using tensioner and carousel operators.

Cable preparation, spooling, operating with tensioners and carousel.

Spooling on-board the Vessel (2023 February)

2023 February – Latest project Vineyard – Blue Offshore, NTG – in Pikkala, Finland (Cable spooling on board the M/V Edward Oldendorff.)

Total 8 persons in one shift. (3 shifts)

Load-out from the Factory to the Vessel.

Pikkala, Finland (Cable load-out from the factory to the vessel using big carousel, tensioners)

1) All preparation and load-out done by us.

2) Load-out 24/7, 12 h shifts, 5 operators in one shift.

Spooling on the Drum – Vertical

Pikkala, Finland (Cable spooling on the drum inside the Factory – using rotating carousel and tensioner operators)