We are offering professional operators for the submarine cable load-out/coiling. Company is specialized only for offshore energy industry.

The Crew

10 skilled operators to work 24/7. Two shifts (12h day / 12h night). Most of our operators have been working in this area from 2017 both Norway and Finland (Prysmian Group Drammen and Pikkala). We have highly skilled carousel drivers, tensioner operators, supervisers. Our work language is english.

Our Philosophy

Our goal is to offer high quality reliable service.


Submarine cable load-out from the Factory to the Vessel. 2 shifts (24/7). Preparation – cable load-out – clean-out.

Coiling – Onboard vessel or inside Factory. Coiling the cable on the rotating platform / stationary platform. 2 shifts (24/7).

Armoring line support crew – Factroy rotating platform drivers and coiling crew. Assisting armoring line crew. Working time as agreed.

Pikkala, Finland (2018) – Winter load-out.