Onshore References


  • Ore slurry boiling containers.
  • Coiled lamination sewage water underground GRP vessels: design, stability.
  • Fresh concrete cyclic compaction (research).
  • Concrete slab casting machine dynamic analysis.
  • Funnel wind loads. Vibrations and stresses.
  • Nuclear power plant building analysis.
  • Mortar deformation and cracking analysis.
  • Boiler, tower and funnel earth quake analysis.
  • Vibration and acceleration measurements.
  • Roof trusses from wood and steel, support beams and columns.
  • Concrete and other porous granular materials plastic cycling and compraction theoretical studies



  • High speed rotating laboratory devices. Vibrations and stresses. Design and manufacturing.
  • Laboratory sample robotics. Vibrations, thermal inaccuracies, dynamics.
  • Naval rescue training center helicopter mock-up (Super Puma).
  • Helicopter underwater escape trainer (MWH6 HUET).
  • High frequency pulsed UV-source.
  • Portable electronics vibration, shock and fatigue analysis.
  • Conveyors.
  • Paper mass mixers and tanks.
  • Fork lift truck stability, stresses and fatigue.
  • Hydraulic components stresses and deformations.
  • Forrest harvester cabin vibrations and damping, harvester hoist.
  • Various sensor and apparatus vibrations, turbulent flow field.
  • Rocket noise caused fatigue of Ariane 5.
  • 3D accelerometer design, manufacture and analysis for concrete casting process analysis.
  • High speed chopper balancing system and devices.
  • Landfill compactor frame: strength and fatigue.
  • Wind turbine gearbox strength analysis.
  • Subsea wave power plant machinery and platform design, stresses, stability and fatigue.
  • Wet disc brake units for sea- and chlorinated water.
  • Convector flow and heat transfer.
  • Burner flows in back fire condition.
  • Military equipment including weapon systems.
  • Manufacturing of different kind of analysators and rtg eguipment.
  • Manufacturing of commonrail equipment for big diesel motors.
  • Medical instruments and medical equipment.
  • Components for CNC machines.
  • Components for CERN particle accelerators.



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